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With the relaxation of exchange controls, increased foreign travel and greater availability of low-cost offshore mortgage finance, more South Africans are looking at foreign property ownership, particularly in London.

This appetite for buying property offshore is driven by rising levels of affluence and a growing desire to plan for the future - either for investment or retirement purposes. Many South African investors are also concerned about the uncertain political environment at home and wish to diversify their assets offshore as a hedge against the potential devaluation of the South African Rand.

Most South African investors, however, have no idea how to get started, or are just completely overwhelmed by the amount of incorrect information and the negative media hype.

At Smuts & Taylor we understand that buying a London property is likely to be one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions our South African clients are likely to make in their lifetime and therefore take an educational approach in assisting our clients to ensure they understand the facts, minimise the risks and ensure their London purchase is a total success.

What makes Smuts & Taylor so unique however is that we do not only provide sought-after property investment opportunities but also guide our client through the entire process of investing offshore and the management of their London property portfolios.

Offering assistance at every step of the purchase process as well as lettings and management, we offer clients a hassle-free solution to building a profitable London property portfolio - even all the way from South Africa.
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Services we offer
Assess Goals & ObjectivesAssess Goals & Objectives
Whether clients are looking for a single property for personal use, or want to build up an entire buy to let portfolio of investment properties, we always start by arranging a one-to-one consultation. Read more
Research Growth Potential and Rental Demands Research Growth Potential
Through our extensive connections we always have a range of investment opportunities available and will recommend the most appropriate ones that meet the client's requirements. Read more
Oversee Acquisition Process Oversee Acquisition Process
Working closely with all professionals and representatives involved, we ensure the purchase progresses smoothly through to completion and handing over the keys. Read more
Automate Day-to-day Management Automate Day-to-day Management
Post purchase, our dedicated Lettings and Management division takes over to assist with all the administrative tasks required to ready the property for occupation by clients or prospective tenants. Read more